Democracy Under Fire

the-only-thing-necessary-for-the-triumph-of-evil-is-for-good-men-to-do-nothing-quote-1                          I remember the words of my grandfather who participated in the liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp. “If anyone before had any doubts why we were fighting this war, I can now say with a clear conscience that we were on the right side of history”.  The picture he witnessed haunted him for years and for years he refused to talk about it… or even discuss it….I mean  It’s one thing to watch a documentary about places like Auschwitz which may be disturbing enough for some and another to see the whole thing with your own eyes…. people that looked like skeletons, bones of children carried out on a wagon, the stench, the smell of death everywhere… even the toughest soldiers in his platoon were vomiting sickened by what they have witnessed…

Such evils committed in the name of an ideology by humans against other humans unspeakable evil in the name of one man’s twisted world view which led to the mass extermination/slaughter of millions of innocent human beings… on an industrial scale, world wide across the nazi occupied Europe. Yes you have read correctly, this was the first time in the history of mankind where the human death machine of such caliber operated on an industrial scale, where the perpetrators not only killed but also profited and enriched themselves from cheap labor and suffering of their victims. Holocaust, concentration camps, slave labor factories of death…  was an industry first and foremost and it was done with three things in mind, one was genocide which included the extermination of the undesirables, the other was profit and slave labor.


Lets continue… as many of my peers, children of the 1990s we may have heard about the Holocaust but never really cared about it all that much, though in HS they did show us the movie Schindler’s List during which may I add even some of the toughest kids in my class began crying.  I knew that my grandfather was a decorated veteran of the WW2,  he was with the 101st Airborne  Division, but he never talked about the war, what he did in the war and I never really cared enough to ask him about it, it happened so long ago, way before my time… ancient history right ?


Recently on twitter more and more memes started popping out with pro nazi slogans, pictures of Hitler, glorification of the Third Reich, slogans like ‘Hitler did nothing wrong” and ‘Gas the Kikes’


became all the more common on the social media, but who cares about some trolls spreading hateful memes on twitter and 4chan websites and insulting people they don’t agree with online,that’s what trolls do after all, let them say what they want who cares, just laugh it off… and continue with your daily life like nothing happened…. Until….


The  ‘Unite the Right rally’ and the murder which led to the murder of an innocent woman changed all of that… now these were no longer marginal prepubescent teenage trolls seating in their parent’s basements spewing nonsense, these were grown men armed with guns and rifles and military grade arsenals ready to start a race war.


The ideology that has previously destroyed so many lives shows it’s ugly head  in    America of all places, but not just in America, these right wing radicals have strongholds all across Europe with the exception of Germany maybe ironic as that may sound, Germany is where it all began after all, and is the only country that seems to take a serious stance against right wing radicals and I commend them for it, they have learned from their mistakes and are now trying to warn the world of what may happen if this type of politics become normalized. This is what these nazis are after they want to be heard, they want their ideals to be normalized and become part of the mainstream, while they spit on our freedom and our democracy which they care absolutely nothing for, therefore it’s our job as citizens of the free world to not let that happen, it’s up to us to not give in to tyranny and to not give them the platform to speak and recruit more members for their cause.









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