To kill the “Fuhrer” Chapter 2 A single bullet can change history.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



The state law clearly stated that using the time machine for the purpose of recreating history was equivalent to treason.  According to science one historical event no matter how major, or how little can change a bunch of other historical events… kind of like the domino effect. Be it as it may… I was willing to risk the criminal charges for the good of humanity. Going back in time and killing Hitler, the idea  haven’t left my mind ever since I discovered that time travel was in fact possible.

Preventing WW2, saving millions of innocent lives, and all it would take is a single bullet. I kept thinking about Anne Franke, that lil girl who died of typhus in one of the Nazi concentration camps.. She was a brilliant writer and could have become a great writer.. and millions of others,  musicians, scientists, doctors, actors. composers, and other ordinary, and extraordinary people whose lives were deliberately snuffed out,  so many lives, so many generations could have been saved if at least one of those brave individuals who tried to assassinate Hitler would have succeeded.

I read a lot about the people who tried to assassinate Hitler… altogether there was over 20 failed assassination attempts on his life.. and most of these were done by Germans like Georg Elser and many others. Where did they go wrong ? What was their mistake ? Historians claim that the main reason for these failed assassination attempts was the fact that Hitler was surrounded by too many bodyguards and at all times, on the other hand  Georg Elser simply miscalculated..  by a few seconds when he set his bomb.. and so did Claus Von Stauffenberg. Ok so once Hitler was already in power killing him would be close to, nearly impossible.. which means that I would need to go back further, to the time where Hitler was just a regular nobody, a failed artist, scrounging for money and food  on the streets of Munich and far from anything political.  I would run up to him, point blank and shoot him right in the head. 2F2F967400000578-3351919-image-a-39_1449620044501

Then I would need to make my way back to the time pod… and get back to the present year 2025. In other words before he became a dictator, surrounded by loyal henchmen and gestapo bodyguards, with ears everywhere.  Hitler became a dictator of Germany in 1933… I would probably need to go back to 1925 or maybe even earlier than that…  for my plan to succeed.

‘Hey man, what are you doing’ ?  I looked up, it was Ethan… ‘Oh what’s up Ethan, did your mom let you out without supervision ?’ I smirked. ‘Haha, very funny’ ‘Ethan you know your are my only true friend right ?’ ‘Yea I know, I am also your only friend’ ‘ And you know why right ?’ ‘Cause no one else likes you’  ‘Touche’ ‘Listen, how would you like to make history  ?’ ‘What do you mean ?’ Ethan looked puzzled…  ‘ Seat down bro.. grab a beer, I will explain’ .

‘You are nuts’ ‘I mean how do you expect to pull it off ?’ ‘1 Uranium crystal is only enough for 50 years… and it takes over a 100 days to recharge and to become fully operational again, so we are literally talking about like almost 100 years back in time, possibly more… ‘  ‘Impossible on a single charge’

‘Ok Then we need to upgrade it somehow’   ‘How ?’ ‘You are the physicist, so you figure it out, I just told you my plan, are you in or out’ ? ‘Well you obviously need my help with this, so  I guess I am in’  Ethan looked at me worried…  ‘are you absolutely sure that we can pull this off’ ?  ‘Yes, we just need to study it more, find out about all of Hitler’s whereabouts, which places he is most likely to visit and at what time… meanwhile you work on upgrading the machine. my guess would be we’ll need at least two, and two more as a spare for a round trip, so don’t lose the security  clearance card, it’s our only way into the atrium, we’ll need it’

to be continued….




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