To kill the “Fuhrer” Chapter 1 The Time Machine

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1 The Time Machine

Year 2025 – The right wing nationalism has now it’s place in politics and government around the world.

Latvia is the first country to readopt the “hakenkreuz” symbol…   around the world it seems like national socialism is gaining more power and popularity with each day.

I took a deep breath,  why am I writing this, not sure memoirs, or maybe I just want the world to acknowledge that it was me who put an end to right wing extremism once and for all. The Time Machine has already been invented, though no one actually used it yet, it was still in it’s early/experimental stages, and I,  am your average 20 year old university student and a giant WWII history buff, was the first to ride it, though not officially, as doing so would be kind of like committing treason… I just happened to work as an intern inside the NASA’s top secret lab, me and this other nerdy kid, who among other things was largely obsessed with aliens, dungeons and dragons pen and paper role playing stuff,  and 1980’s  video game arcade classics.. I on the other hand was more into Virtual Reality, in fact I spent a large portion of my tuition money to buy myself the latest headset, and that’s how I got this insane idea, what if I could go back in time to before Adolf Hitler became a chancellor of Germany, and change history, by somehow sabotaging his rise to power.

The game I played was called, well in a nutshell it was called “killing Hitler” I’ve never felt so engrossed in a video game before, props to the genius of whoever made this game possible, though in the game it largely focused on stealth and playing a hired assassin, posing as a German officer to infiltrate and kill the “Fuhrer” relying mainly on stealth, killing top Nazi officials, acquiring their uniforms and top secret documents to progress through the game up to the final mission, up close and personal shooting Hitler in the head.


“Max” , “Max” “Earth to Max”    “Yea” “What” ? “What are you asleep ? ”

“No Ethan I am day dreaming about butt screwing your fine ass sister”  I jested with a smirk.

“Come look at this, you need to see this bro” “Persistence will get you laid Ethan, what do you want, can’t you see I got work to do here” “Dude you gotta come see this…dude, this thing, it’s freaking awesome..dude”  “Alright man, screw it, you know it’s only 10 extra credits right, how many 20 year olds do you know, allowed to volunteer at and research the NASA’s, top secret lab?”  “Well you can thank your pops for that” Ethan said with a smirk.

“Ok,  so what is it that you wanted to show me my brother from another mother ?”     “Come, you’ll see”  I followed him, I don’t know why I did, the curiosity got the best of me probably, but what I saw was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.


“What the hell is that ?”  “Duuuuuude it’s a freaking time machine man” “Were you smoking that herb again bro ?” “What makes you think that it’s a time machine of all things, and by the way how were you able to get passed the  11th clearance finger print scanner security station ?” “Stacy let me in” “Stacy ?” “The blonde one with big tits and a nice round….” “Yea that’s the one” “How the hell did you manage that ?” “I have my ways” He smirked and looked away. “Ok so how do you operate this thing, let me guess it runs on plutonium ?””Ha, Ha”  “No”  “Actually it runs on uranium”, “See this stuff here”—- he pointed to the two double monitors, connected with a tube and lots of wires… “Look down here” He walked around the contraption and pressed his finger firmly between the two narrow slightly dented gaps in the middle. “This is where you place the uranium crystal” “It looks like it’s fully charged now”

“Shh” “What?” “Someones coming” “If we get caught here, we are screwed” “Come on lets go”   The guard was walking by doing his rounds didn’t see us, we sneaked back through the atrium and into the research lab as if nothing happened, but for the rest of the day I couldn’t get that thing out of my mind, imagining the possibilities.


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